rare gold coinIf I have a coin that is in poor shape, is it worth as much as a coin that is in mint condition?
No, the state of a coin is essential to its worth. A piece in mint condition is often valued much higher than a poor-conditioned coin.

Should I clean my coin collection to add value?
No, coins lose value when they are cleaned. Cleaning can damage a coin. Any damage will reduce the value of the coin. Cleaning or polishing a piece in an effort to pass them off as higher grade is not suggested.

I inherited some old coins from my grandfather. I was wondering why getting them graded is necessary.
Grading services confirm the legitimacy and rate the worth of coins. You should have them graded to attract more buyers for your rare coins.

My children would like to start a stamp collection. How do I get them started?
First, you should stop by a professional hobby shop like Martin A. Hinote Coins, Stamps & Jewelry and pick up a few supplies. Then, ask your friends and family members to save the stamps that come in on the mail. From there, your children can start a collection of stamps.

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